School Of Rock

Tune-In meets Marc Galea and discovers how musical dreams can become reality. You got to admit it; at least at one point in our lives we’ve had the dream – spotlights on and nothing but six feet of stage between us and a cheering crowd, as our fingers slides though the notes of a five minute butt kicking guitar solo, raging amplifiers and fans go delirious!

Ok! Boom boom reality check, pop goes the dream bubble and we’re back in the real world pushing pens and mobile phone buttons to our everyday lives; and all the remains of that dream is the wish that one day we’ll be able to play an instrument and not just an MP3 player. But finally that dream might actually become reality, thanks to Marc Galea and the Euro Institute of Music. Born out of a dream to create a music school where individuals learn to play what they want to play without the rigorous years of studying classical music, Marc transformed the Euro Institute of Music in Hamrun into a platform for a new teaching concept, based not only on interpretation but also improvisation and logic thinking – a teaching style that encourages and motivates students to be creative and express themselves artistically. In simple terms, if anyone ever considered learning how to play an instrument, but was discouraged by the years of meticulous academic syllabi provided by conservative music academies, Marc offers the solution – join one of the institute’s courses and you’ll be playing from day one!

Marc&’s dedication to music is not a thing of late, but rather an ever growing passion. From the early days playing in a teenage punk group, to more recently, strumming guitar in several local rock bands; Marc always knew his life would walk down the melody path and much to the norm’s disapproval, he gave academics the back seats through his life, leaving the steering to music. At 25, a qualified teacher from the London College of Music, studying in the UK under leading guitar tutor John Mizarolli, Marc Galea is aware of the important role and impact music plays in our lives, something he transfers to his students relentlessly.

Marc has developed courses to help any budding music lover take his passion to another level – that of performing. The institute offers students of all ages (and that means anyone who can carry an instrument), the possibility of taking up courses in practically any genre and form they dream, from electrical, classical and bass guitar to drums, piano and synth, violin, brass instruments wood wind instruments, voice classical and pop theory and improvisation, DJ-ing, sound engineering as well as art. The institute boasts some of Malta’s foremost artists as tutors, including Marvic Lewis for voice, Bibi and Reuben Navarro (Fakawi) for drums and Marc and Alex Mizzi on guitars.

Importance of aesthetically pleasing surroundings is stressed at the institute with modern and air-conditioned premises; the Euro Institute boasts eighteen sound-proof classrooms, ready geared with instruments and amplifiers for budding musicians to simply plug and play. And finally for the artists – a large art studio flooded with natural light on the top floor.

Finally, forget about the typical concerto and prize giving ceremonies for the old folks, the institute gives students a chance to form bands and play in a fully fledged rock gig at the end of the term, on a real stage, in a real venue, in front of a real crowd. Keeping it real – is the way things go here.

Convinced? Interested? I sure am! Give Marc a call or visit the Euro Institute of Music at 631, St.Joseph High Road, Hamrun. Tel: 21226555 Fax: 21226282, or email: and get playing!