School Of Rock Exposed

School of Rock Exposed!

Just last May we featured a piece on the Euro Institute of Music, Marc Galea brain child, a music school where individuals learn to play what they want to play without the rigorous years of studying classical music. Marc transformed the Euro Institute of Music in Hamrun into a platform for a new teaching concept, based not only on interpretation and logic thinking, a teaching style that encourages and motivates students to be creative and express themselves artistically through music. This month we caught up with marc to discuss the progress of his students following his annual showcase held recently at Signals Music club where 22 bands made up of the Institute’s students played for friends and family to give a taste of what they learned throughout the past semester. The recently held concert was the first launch pad for those who could be destined to be the future Mark Knopfler and Joe Satrianis to the local music scene. Students aged between 7 and 45 made up 22 different bands and took to the stage to perform to an eager audience. Marc enthusiastically gave me a taste of the concert by screening a VHS recording; the images that hit my eyes left me very surprised, 10 year old or so kids performing excellent renditions of pink Floyd Comfortably Numb, teenagers tapping away to mouth gaping solos and drummers more than a stone throw away from a legal drinking age rolling drum beats that rock the house down. I asked Marc how long these students rehearsed before the gig and the answer was even more surprising, the majority of these students had enrolled for one of the Institute's courses barely 3 months before and had rehearsed only 3 times together. I suppose a perfect witness to the great benefits this school has to offer. The Institute offers of all ages (and that means anyone who can carry an instrument), the possibility of taking up courses in practically and genre and form they dream, from electrical, classical and bass guitar to drums, piano, violin voice, classical and modern theory and violin, voice classical and pop theory and improvisation, as well as art. The emphasis is on learning how to perform and have fun with an instrument rather than learn the technicalities of the score in isolation. This is especially seen in the training given in singing, Marc is strongly encouraging anyone with a passion for singing to commence a course and learn how to master the natural instrument with confidence. His courses don limit themselves to simple vocal lectures and broadening of musical range but also on stage presence and confidence and having fun with singing. In Marc own words anyone can sing, as long as they believe in themselves and acknowledge the potential and limitations of their voice. Marc emphasizes that his students learn more than just about how to play the instrument but also how to perform on stage, how to crate a synergy with other musicians and keep the passion for the music first. Maxims that have helped the school become what it is today. Marc love for music is what fuels his energy to not only be the school principal but also start work on his debut solo album which he is co-producing with Boris Cezek. The album writing process, Marc relates, is more of a soul searching journey and will contain instrumental pieces written over the past years. His first single titled Dusty sunbeams in fact is one of those inspiring jazzed pieces written by Marc a few years back whilst on holiday in Europe (I haven’t stopped listening to the track as I write this article!). Well done Marc, I can’t wait for the whole album! If you’ve been juggling with the idea of learning how to play an instrument or sing, this is your chance. Give Marc a visit the Euro Institute of Music at 631, St. Joseph High Rd., Hamrun Tel:21226555 Fax:21226280, email:, website: and get playing! Marc guarantees that you’ll be playing from the first session.

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